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If you are an organization or individual wishing to provide financial assistance for children to attend one of our summer camps, please click the donate button below or contact us at (781) 270-4800 for more information. 100% of all donated funds are used for Summer Camp Scholarships for children.

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For students

Our summer camp scholarships and financial aid program is a partnership between the camper families, donating organizations, and The Story School’s donor fund.

The Story School is committed to assisting as many campers as possible in their quest to experience their own adventure at our summer camps. While we sometimes receive more requests than scholarships are available and occasionally are unable to accept an application, we strive to work with parents and organizations to assist as many children as we can. Scholarship requests for large amounts may require verification by a copy of your family’s most recent tax returns.
Each camper applicant must provide the following:
  • Three letters of recommendation from people not related to you. (Examples: teachers, principals, community leaders, neighbors)
  • A minimum one page completed Character History about the character you would choose to play, along with details specifying the costuming you and your family will provide.
  • A 5-6 paragraph answer to the following essay question: What do the terms Honor, Compassion, and Courage mean to you?

  • Fill out the student scholarship application below.

Student scholarship application 

To be eligible for one of The Story School’s summer camp scholarships to attend one of The Story School’s camps, parents should fill out the application below. A camp director will get back to you regarding your eligibility.


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