An educational summer camp for zombie fighters

At Zombie STEM summer camp, participants aren’t “campers,” they are defenders charged with saving the world from certain doom!
Defenders have a blast with STEM-based activities and adventures and even learn a thing to two in the process! Our activities are expertly designed to promote education, imagination, and character while campers strive to solve the mysteries before them. See the menu at the top of this section for more information about dates & pricing and more. We hope your hero will join us this coming summer!

Scholarships for Zombie STEM Summer Camp

The Story School raises funds all year to provide financial assistance for families in financial need.

We also have payment plan options. Use the contact form to ask us!

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Zombie STEM summer camp

At this camp, campers create their own character in an ongoing storyline that never repeats. They choose special skills and their favorite NERF Blaster (provided or bring your own!). Then they decide what to do next when opportunity (or trouble) arises.

Our heroes stand shoulder to shoulder with their fellow Defenders as they fight gruesome zombies, solve scientific mysteries, protect the fragile land, and forage for supplies. Each summer, the story line is based on either a literary piece (IE: George Orwell’s 1984) or a historical event (The Bubonic Plague) and involves education in science, creative problem solving, teamwork, and more.

At this camp, heroes learn:

Tactical training

Campers learn how to use their Nerf Blasters and incorporate team tactics so that their group can withstand the hordes of monsters and undead that plague the camp.

Unlocking the story

Each summer, the story is based on a classic novel. Clues in these books are important keys to solving mysteries, discovering treasure, and restoring peace to the land.

Scientific method

Campers learn how to formulate hypotheses and conduct experiments. They use their findings to develop a cure for the Zombie epidemic.

Riddle solving

The Team Leaders will help Adventurers learn about the history of the encampment and why it is haunted by zombies.

“We spent the last two summers sampling different summer camps. This one topped the others, by FAR! My child loved the costumes, stories, and action; I loved the values emphasized and the way the camp was generally run. The kids ARE “Heroes” here, not just Campers. We’ll be coming back for more weeks next summer, no question! And I LOVED playing a parent Zombie on the Feast of Heroes day!”

-Janice Ritter

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