A STEM-filled adventure for warriors and wizards of all ages

Wizards & Warriors Camp is an all-ages adventure that teaches STEM skills as well as history, literature, mythology, and more – all through a living story. The staff at The Story School expertly designs activities to offer experiential learning that promotes education, imagination, and character.  See the menu at the top of this section for more information about dates & pricing and more. We hope your hero will join us this coming summer!

Scholarships for Wizards & Warriors Camp

The Story School raises funds all year to provide financial assistance for families in financial need.

We also have payment plan options. Use the contact form to ask us!

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Wizards & Warriors Camp

This camp has a similar concept as the Zombie summer camp, but, but with a medieval setting. Heroes play wizards, warriors, or healers and spend the summer battling or negotiating with characters out of literature, history, or mythology.

They fight fierce monsters, uncover ancient mysteries, decipher scrolls (while learning Latin), make potions (while learning actual chemistry) and practice valuable skills in this dynamic learning adventure where stories are used to teach.

At this camp, heroes learn:

Tactical training

Your hero will learn how to use their foam swords and special skills while incorporating team tactics so that their group can withstand the hordes of monsters that plague the land.

STEM learning

Campers work together in their ongoing quest to “power up” by learning STEM. Once they prove their knowledge by teaching it to their friends, they gain skills and special powers for the battle.

Scientific method

Campers learn how to formulate hypotheses and conduct experiments to test their ideas. They use their research and findings to solve the mystery of what happened.

Discovering cultures

Each summer, the story is based on a different world culture’s myths and legends. Heroes learn about monsters and characters from around the real world and throughout history.

“After his first day at Wizards & Warrior camp my son said, “Mom, that was the best day of my entire life.” What a great experience! Nate and Eliza will definitely be back. We appreciate the energy, creativity and passion that all of you pour forth into creating a truly memorable experience. I’m not sure who’s sadder that it’s over — me or them!”


-Cammy Bean

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