Enjoy fantasy roleplaying at Blackwatch summer camp

The Story School is offering Blackwatch Teen Leadership summer camp for teens ages 15-19 this coming summer. This camp is geared for teens eager for in-depth fantasy roleplaying, problem-solving, and intense adventure. Teen heroes at Blackwatch enter into a learning environment that plays to their passions. Fill out the form if you are interested in one of our summer offerings! A camp director will get back to you ASAP to answer any questions you have and to complete the registration process.

Scholarships for summer camp

The Story School raises funds all year to provide financial assistance for families in financial need.
We also have payment plan options. Use the contact form to ask us!

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Fill out the form below if you are interested in Blackwatch Teen Leadership summer camp. A camp director will get back to you to answer your questions and complete the registration process.

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Blackwatch Teen Leadership summer camp

The Blackwatch Teen Leadership summer camp blends fantasy, horror, Steampunk, and science fiction in a world where teens learn to become their own heroes. This is our most immersive camp, and it deals with mature – and even frightening – scenarios.
Members of the Blackwatch are charged with protecting the realm Sidleterra from things beyond our reality, such as entities from other dimensions, ghosts of elders, and more. Succeeding as a member of the Blackwatch requires willpower and mental fitness, but for those who dare, it is worth the challenge!

At this camp, teen heroes learn:

Lateral thinking

Teens question assumptions and are encouraged to use indirect and creative approaches to problems via reasoning that is not immediately obvious.

Leadership development

Heroes learn to gauge the needs of their group and to elevate the heroes around them in their quest to protect their realm.

Group communication

Central to every session are discussions and group decision-making about what actions the group should take through the course of the game.

Social development

Blackwatch Teen Leadership camp gives campers a safe and supportive environment in which to practice creative role play.

Ethical reasoning

Teens are challenged to examine what they believe and why, as Blackwatch presents questions for which there is no black or white answer.

Real literaure, history, and mythology

The characters and scenes explored at Blackwatch reference sources that teens might not be exposed to until college.

“Justin said this was the best camp he’s ever attended–and he’s attended at least 10 different camps in the past 4 summers. Thank you so much for making the magic happen!”

-Jillian Lokere

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