Save Our Summer Camps

All humans are wired for stories. This is how we have passed information from generation to generation since we lived in caves. Our desire for a good story can even outweigh our desire for food or safety. Stories inspire us and heal us. They give us direction and they light the spark that becomes the fuel for pursuing a passion. They are also our most valuable tool in education. Stories provide context for lessons and help with both comprehension and retention. Why do you think fables, myths, and legends persist through the centuries? It is because they provide us with a much-needed vehicle for learning. This is the purpose and foundation of The Story School.


The Story School, a 501c3 nonprofit, provides story-based education to kids, teens, and adults of countless backgrounds. We use stories to teach everything from world cultures to STEM to essential learning skills. Our teachers, counselors, and instructors are professional storytellers who invite the students into an adventure where the student is the hero and the lesson is the obstacle that we must conquer together in order to complete the journey.  


We educate with purpose and intention. 


  • We work with Cultural Educators who are stakeholders from the specific culture being studied to provide us with guidance in how to present that culture’s myths and stories in a way that is both sensitive and authentic. 
  • We work with education researchers to draw upon the latest studies for improving our curriculum. 
  • We network with professionals from a variety of the most highly respected education organizations to expand upon our offerings, technology, and resources. We take our work seriously while also making sure that it is exciting and pertinent to our both our staff and our students.
  • We spend time engaging our students’ personal interests and helping them to discover how their education pertains to their own life and personal objectives. We provide autonomy and agency in the learning process so that students understand that they have power over their lifetime of learning.
  • Through the generosity of donors we have been able to provide camp experiences for many kids who might not otherwise have a chance to attend our camps, classes, and events.

In previous years, fundraising allowed us to keep our highly immersive and involved educational experiences affordable for our students. However, 2020 forced a seasonal closure of our in-person camps.  While The Story School was able to move programs online, the loss in campers, revenue, and fundraising opportunities we typically receive was staggering. We have seen many of our fellow summer camps and educational organizations close their doors permanently. These are very difficult times for small organizations without an endowment to lean upon. This is why we are asking for your assistance.


We need your help to continue forward with both weekly classes and next summer’s camp as well as helping us to retain our tireless and exceptional staff.  Your donations will go directly to our staff retention and educational programming.  With your support, we can keep our programs affordable and even continue to provide scholarships for families who are experiencing financial hardship during this pandemic.  


It is during challenging times that heroes are needed the most.  You can be a hero to a student struggling to learn… craving our creative solution to physically distanced social engagement.  Your donation can be the difference that inspires a student to pursue a career or project that has a positive ripple effect upon the world. You may not personally know the student that your donation helps.  But please be assured that every dollar you give makes a difference.  


In times of darkness, your support can be the spark of light our students need to get through this challenge together.  From us and from our students, we thank you and we promise to honor your gift with our ongoing effort to create, learn, and share the stories that will shape our lives and the lives of those to come.


Thank you for joining us in this adventure with your support.

Guard Up/Story School has been doing virtual camps and weekly gaming groups and they do an AMAZING JOB. My son was online for the whole day for many weeks this summer and during April vacation but WAS NOT BURNT OUT. He came downstairs, bright eyed and full of energy from a day of imaginative, physical, and intellectually challenging play with his peers. They inspired him to take on analog projects outside of camp and he thought about his adventures long after they were over. These people know what they are doing when it comes to engaging kids, in person, online, anywhere! In person there is legit sword fighting techniques involved, but even online they get kids working! And of course, there’s always a possibility of costumes. 🙂 This fall they are offering online programs including homeschooling supplementation, two weeks of camp in early September for schools that are starting later and I really recommend folks check them out!


– S. Johnston (Mother of a Hero)

The Story School is a nonprofit organization and depends on the support of our donors and volunteers to spread story-based learning for children of all ages through summer camps, special events, and educational resources

"What some might dismiss as a geeky alternative to more traditional camps, where sports and art classes rule, is actually a precious, even irreplaceable resource to the population it serves… these kids get to engage in more physically challenging and socially interactive versions of the [computer] games they already love."

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