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September Break Adventures

Online, In-Person, Full & Half Day


Full-day and half-day week-long educational excitement is just a click away. Live instructors become costumed characters, providing homebound heroes interactive puzzles, games, and big bad monsters to battle while they use STEM Education to overcome obstacles in an online world as well as their own home.



Make screentime a positive thing for your young hero! These School Break Adventures are perfect for parents seeking new ways to keep their child entertained yet educated during their school break. Adventure awaits them…



Stay active while engaging your imagination with interactive online classes for kids, teens, and adults


From fencing to teen leadership to fantasy roleplay, we can find an online classroom for anyone looking to stay physically active and educated. The thrill of learning knows no age! We promote classes ranging from ages 5-7 all the way up to adult classes focusing on the history.



Classroom memberships are offered in two tiers, allowing students to choose the option best suited for them. Contact us today to learn more about the special intro package.



We make online education emotionally engaging with Online Homeschool Classes & Afterschool Programs.



Our educational programs run Monday through Friday. We offer daily instructor-led classes in STEM as well as Essential Learning Skills and an exciting Afterschool Adventure. Each class uses stories and challenges to inspire students to master the lessons in order to win the adventure.  Our instructors are experienced in both teaching and helping students to become emotionally engaged in their education.


Join us on an adventure of learning.

Full-Day Week-Long Online School Break STEM Adventures

Keep your child physically and mentally active with a full-day, week-long interactive online or in-person adventure!


The next adventure begins September 14th.

Classes For All Ages

We proudly work alongside Guardian Adventures, who has online classes that run on a membership cycle. Each hero enrolls as a member which provides different opportunities and classes to fit their schedule, interests, and abilities. We strongly recommend at least two introductory lessons prior to signing up as a Guardian Adventures member. Tier placement is subject to instructor approval.


Tier 1 Memberships are for our beginner heroes, either giving their first few attempts at a Guardian adventure or those who don’t feel ready yet to dive in without a little assistance. Classes are 60 minutes in length.

Tier 2 Memberships are for more experienced adventurers and include 90-minute classes. This grants more opportunities to experienced students to control their adventure without needing an instructor’s guidance. Most Tier 2 members are ages 13 and up.

From fencing and historical battles to fully immersive worlds and giant monsters, explore further to discover the perfect online experience for you and your young hero…


We also offer private instructional video classes for individuals and families.

The Story School is proud to be partnered with Guardian Adventures in a joint effort to promote educational story-based adventures through online vehicles like Google Classroom and Zoom. Guardian Adventures licenses the programs listed here on behalf of The Story School.

For More Information, Contact Us Today!

Online adventures can promote:

Tactical training

Your hero will learn how to use their foam swords and special skills while incorporating team tactics so that their group can withstand the hordes of monsters that plague the land.

STEM learning

Campers work together in their ongoing quest to “power up” by learning STEM. Once they prove their knowledge by teaching it to their friends, they gain skills and special powers for the battle.

Scientific method

Campers learn how to formulate hypotheses and conduct experiments to test their ideas. They use their research and findings to solve the mystery of what happened.

Discovering cultures

Each summer, the story is based on a different world culture’s myths and legends. Heroes learn about monsters and characters from around the real world and throughout history.

“An absolute blast!”


– Panda Eich


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