Informal Education

Immersive informal education adventures for students

The Story School runs high-level, immersive informal education events for students of all ages. Informal education and informal learning are excellent supplements to traditional educational environments, wherein students are directed what to learn and how to learn it by their teachers. Informal education is student-directed; it is the student who determines the best approach and desired outcome to a given situation.

Interested in informal edcuation?

The Story School staff creates custom story arcs for each group that allow students to explore the world in their own creative way. The immersive and innovative experiences we create allow the student to solve mysteries driven by their own curiosity and to play the role of hero in a journey of their own making.

Are you interested in introducing informal education to your group?

Fill out the form below if you are interested in introducing an informal education environment or program to your students. We will get back to you to answer your questions and to talk about what type of program is best for your group.

“Informal learning experiences, in contrast, build on the diverse interests and curiosity of learners and support their self-motivated inquiries. The valued outcomes of informal learning are often particularly rich in contributions to social and emotional development, to identity and motivation, to developing skills of collaboration and mutual support, and to persistence in the face of obstacles and in inquiry on time scales of weeks, months, and even years. Informal learning activities also often result in products and accomplishments of which students are justly proud and for which product-appropriate measures of quality are needed”

-MIT MacArthur

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