The summer camps and educational facilities that we work with host an extremely diverse list of job opportunities, both full and part time. Applications for costume designers, event logistics coordinators, summer camp counselors and nurses, and even STEM instructors are always being accepted. Below is a full list of possible jobs for you.


NOTE: Hiring for these summer camp jobs is usually completed early spring. Please apply immediately if interested. We get flooded with resumes in late spring and often have no openings left. Thank you!  At this time, we are currently accepting applications from candidates over 20 years of age.


Wizards & Warriors Camp is a creative STEM-based summer camp run by professionals, parents, and teachers who wanted to create the experience of a live adventure as a way to help kids and teens discover the hero they hold inside.

Current Positions Still Available:

There are currently no open positions available. Please check back in 2021 for job opportunities.




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