Be the Best Monster You Can Be

Our camps offer a unique opportunity for teens to learn leadership skills and boost their resumes with actual experience helping behind the scenes at a STEM education fueled, highly immersive, roleplaying summer camp. These helpers are our Counselors In Training, also known by our heroes as the Monster Campers, who spend their summer training in:

  • Running safe, entertaining and educational plots
  • Conflict resolution, leadership, and motivation skills
  • How to role play as creatures and characters from literature, mythology and history
  • Creating fun, educational STEM based curriculum
  • Theatrical improvisation
  • Coordinating and planning logistics for flow of events, resources, staffing, props, special effects and more
  • Establishing a professional demeanor
  • Proactive identifying problems before they arise
We strongly recommend that, prior to applying to be a CIT, you participate in one of our summer camps to learn the ins and outs of a Sidelterran experience.

To learn more and apply, use the contact form.

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In this program, the CITs learn:

Lateral thinking

Teens question assumptions and are encouraged to use indirect and creative approaches to problems via reasoning that is not immediately obvious.

Leadership development

Heroes learn to gauge the needs of their group and to elevate the heroes around them in their quest to protect their realm.

Group communication

Central to every session are discussions and group decision-making about what actions the group should take through the course of the game.

Social development

Blackwatch Teen Leadership camp gives campers a safe and supportive environment in which to practice creative role play.

Ethical reasoning

Teens are challenged to examine what they believe and why, as Blackwatch presents questions for which there is no black or white answer.

Real literaure, history, and mythology

The characters and scenes explored at Blackwatch reference sources that teens might not be exposed to until college.

“Justin said this was the best camp he’s ever attended–and he’s attended at least 10 different camps in the past 4 summers. Thank you so much for making the magic happen!”

-Jillian Lokere

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