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Story Based Education through Interactive Adventures

The Story School, Inc has been created to help raise awareness of and provide services for promoting story-based education through interactive adventures.  Research has proven that stories are an exceptional learning tool as it pertains to both comprehension and lesson retention.   The Story School, Inc. endeavors to provide students with story-based education in a manner that is entertaining and educational.  The following services are provided by this 501c3 non-profit company run by volunteers:

  • Providing educational story-based summer camps for students interested in story-based learning
  • Providing workshops for educational institutes on the benefits of story-based education as well as assistance with story-based curriculum development
  • Providing resources for educators to assist in the increased awareness and utilization of story-based education
  • Providing educational scholarships for students pursuing story-based education or for students researching the benefits of story-based education

Our classes, events, and camps combine the use of powerful stories, educational material, and exercises in teamwork and relationship-building to create a powerful experience for our participants (we call them “Heroes”) of all ages. Our motto for our heroes is “Courage, Honor, and Compassion”.

Through our immersive adventures, our heroes grow as individuals and discover their passion for learning.

In 2014, The BBC graciously granted permission for The Story School to use The Doctor from their television series “Doctor Who” as a character at our Wizards & Warriors Summer Camp. Here is our Thank You to the BBC for their generosity and willingness to support creative education:

Our testimonials speak to the depth of our programs:

To hear more about our programs from The Story School’s President, Meghan Gardner, listen to her interview with Disney Radio: